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Special Offer:   Student discounts

Mention Scoot and show your student card to receive 10% off labour charges

Added by Linacre Locksmiths on 20/11/2018

Special Offer:   Freebies!

Free Quotes! Free Gifts! Free Deliveries!

Added by Party Balloons Norwich on 19/11/2018

Special Offer:   Free Utility bills assessment

Are you paying too much for your Utility bills? Fed up of Gas & Electricity prices hikes each year? Maybe you are fed up of people going on about utility bills? You may not have the time to check out who is cheaper at the moment? Fed up of mulitple bills coming in? If you answered yes to any of these questions let me show you how you could have ALL of your utility bills on ONE monthly bill - fully itemised & guaranteed to save you money with a uk based provider. - Never need to switch again - Save Money now!

Added by EPC Norfolk on 16/08/2018

Special Offer:   Discount

Discounts are offered to customers with bulk or ongoing requirements. If you are an estate/Lettings agent or property management or any body requiring multiple EPCs or an ongoing agreement please call now for a free no obligation quote.

Added by EPC Norfolk on 16/08/2018

Special Offer:   Car Finding Service

Every now and then I meet a customer who has a particular car in mind and that is the one they want to buy. These customers use my car finding service to find the car they wish for. Using my network of contacts and with a bit of detective work, I can usually find what people are looking for, although these things do not happen overnight. Tracking down the car is one thing, persuading the owner to sell is another? However, everyone has their price or purpose and it is my job to try and find an acceptable solution to achieve a successful and gratifying transaction for both parties. The first step is to contact me and discuss the vehicle you want to find and the budget available, I will give you feedback on this and offer any advice or knowledge that I may feel important to provide at this stage. If we are in agreement at the end of the communication, I can then begin tracking down your car. When I find the car I will then find out if it might be for sale and if so do all the thorough checks on it to make sure it is exactly what you are looking for and is also in an acceptable condition. Pending a satisfactory outcome, we will arrange a viewing and inspection with you (if you wish to be present), the seller and myself. If the inspection proves acceptable I will negotiate a purchase on your behalf. To discuss my car finding service, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Added by PEMBERTON CARS on 16/08/2018

Special Offer:   Car Buying Advisor

The number of people buying a car without taking any professional advice is a never ending source of surprise. Sometimes these buyers simply get lucky and the seller is genuine, which is great, however on many occasions this is not the case, resulting in considerable disappointment and financial loss. If you have already found the car that you believe to be the one for you, engaging me as your car buying advisor ensures peace of mind. My process is both detailed and thorough, leaving no stone unturned and asking questions of the seller that you may feel uncomfortable with asking yourself. Complete transparency is paramount, I will be completely honest with you about my findings and will show you any evidence, good or bad that supports my case and this will be fully shared with you. At the end of the process you will either make your purchase or you will walk away, but either way you will be safe in the knowledge that you have bought the genuine article at the right price, or at least under the understanding of what the car physically entails. If you are not keen on agreeing a price, or just not comfortable with the process I will also negotiate on your behalf and will do what is right for you. To discuss my car buying advisor service, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Added by PEMBERTON CARS on 16/08/2018

Special Offer:   10 Hour block booking

10 hour block booking for just £225

Added by Birdies Driving School on 09/07/2018

Special Offer:   All Your Favourite Bear Brands in One Place!

Whether you're looking for a partner in crime for your little ones, or a limited-edition bear to add to your personal collection, My Bear Shop is the one stop shop for all the bears you need, and those you didn't know you needed – the pawsibilities are endless!

Added by My Bear Shop on 25/06/2018